IN-ner Space revisited

“IN-ner Space revisited”
Abandoned place with layers of colour : each room a different silent story.
The wind comes in through broken windows as outside birds are singing.
Inside : I hear my breath, my steps.
I am alone here and my heart beats fast so I dance.
I dance with my fears. Fears from a past I (never) lived” Fenia

This work is a site specific improvised performance for camera made in Beelitz- Heilstaetten, TB clinic and sanatorium turned military hospital where both Hitler and Honecker were patients. Now an abandoned, haunting, eerie place; shrouded in mystery, occupied by the accumulated memories of thousands of patients. The dance is a spontaneous reaction to the fragmented memories hidden within the walls and the effects both a metaphor and communications channel for the myriad distressed psyches informing the performance.

Performance & Photography : Fenia Kotsopoulou FX Design, Editing & Post : Daz Disley Music : Sol Rezza ( Shot at Beelitz-Heilstätten, June 2012 FX process :


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